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Page updated on 31/8/19

THE LINK - Your magazine, your voice!

Past Issues of The Link
2014 Spring Christmas  
2015 Spring Summer Winter
2016 Spring Summer Winter
2017 Spring Winter
2018 Spring Summer Winter
2019 Spring Summer  

A Word from the Editor

I took over as Editor of The Link in July 2017 – my first issue, Winter 2017, went to print in October 2017. Our previous Editor, Martin Brooks, had done an amazing job producing a high-quality magazine over several years. I would like to build on Martin's hard work by taking on the challenge. My aim is to continue to make this your magazine by publishing your rides, adventures, photos, achievements and anything else you would like to send me that you feel other Club members would like to read about. If you haven't already completed the subscription form please do so to receive your three copies a year.

Please send articles for future additions of the magazine to me at [email protected].

Happy reading and safe cycling, Janet Jones.

The Link - sample page

The topical magazine 'The Link' is available to all members and friends of Chester and North Wales CTC and represents the needs of the membership by means of membership participation. It's normally published THREE times per year and is just filled with interesting tips, reports, challenges and experiences from the membership. It's your voice and 'The Link' is just the platform for everyone to air their views, opinions, improvements and complaints (Letters to the Editor?).

The membership also tell us about their events and travels, and to let everyone in on those little technical and 'common sense' tricks that our older companions have always taken for granted (Tech Tips in every edition).

Now, it's vital that we get as many topics as possible because everyone has their own favourite subject. You don't need to be an eloquent writer, just write what you're comfortable with and I can always rewrite it, fill it out or do what it takes to get it into a format suitable for the printers.

I ride with several groups during the week and every time people tell me what they've done in the past, what events they've been on, what bikes they've had and what challenges with bike failures etc. So please just jot down a few notes or write a few paragraphs and we will publish it so the whole membership can benefit, have a laugh or be amazed!

So ... subscribe to the 'The Link', then you can have your say. Send all articles and photographs in pretty well any format including hand written to the Editor for consideration for inclusion.

Are you part of 'The Link'?

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'THE LINK' needs you